How to wear legwarmers

I was a bit too young to remember the times in the 1980s when exercise-wear was ‘in’, when headbands, leotards, legwarmers and tights in fluorescent colours were the height of fashion.

Legwarmers are like foot-less socks. They were originally used by dancers to keep their muscles warm. It’s easier for a dancer to injure themselves dancing with cold muscles. Legwarmers were a big craze in the 1980s, but they may be making a small comeback. Legwarmers have been seen on the runway recently at Dunedin iD Fashion Week, showcasing winter 2012 collections in New Zealand. Legwarmers also seem to be trending in Japan and Korea.

Shih Yen recreates a look from the 1980s with LA Gear sneakers and legwarmers. Legwarmers by Golf Punk

So here are some tips for how to wear legwarmers. Wear your legwarmers just below the knee. You can push them down a bit to create some folds in the legwarmers, but you don’t want them to sit too much below the knee. Personally, I think that legwarmers are paired best with ballet flats and a short skirt or dress. But you could also wear them with sneakers, reminiscent of the 1980s. If you want to wear them with jeans, they work best worn over skinny jeans. Have fun!


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