Handmade alpaca socks from Ecuador

It’s still winter in the Southern Hemisphere and I’ve been keeping my feet warm by wearing alpaca fibre socks handmade in Ecuador. Ecuador is a country in South America, bordering Colombia and Peru. I’ve been very happy with my alpaca socks. They are warm, maybe warmer than sheep’s wool and alpaca fibre is definitely softer and not itchy compared with sheep’s wool.

Alpaca fibre comes from the alpaca. Alpacas are domestic animals found in South America. They look like small llamas and graze at high altitudes – between 3500 to 5000 metres (or 11 500 – 16 000 feet) above sea level. Alpacas are found on the Andes Mountains, in areas like Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and northern Chile.

Shih Yen’s alpaca socks with a pattern of alpacas woven into the socks.

I love my alpaca socks. A row of alpacas have even been woven into the socks. These socks are handmade in Otavalo, Ecuador. Otavalo is a town in the Imbabura province of Ecuador, an area to the north of Ecuador. The native people of Otavalo are well known for weaving woolen textiles and also for their famous market.

I bought my alpaca socks from my Ecuadorian friend. Check out her website selling handicrafts from Ecuador at: http://www.carvieirahandicrafts.com/

My friend Carla at her stall selling handicrafts from Ecuador


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