The length of your boot matters

It is still the middle of winter. Well, it is in the Southern Hemisphere. At around this time of year, suddenly all the shoe shops seem to only promote winter boots, even if that’s not what you want to buy. So I decided to just go with the flow and write about winter boots, more specifically about boot length, and why they matter.

Though not my favourite style, I will wear ankle-length boots. They are practical boots and easy to get on and off. In my opinion, ankle-length boots make your legs look shorter by cutting the length off at the ankle. So that’s why they are not my favourite style.

Shih Yen wears ankle-length boots (Photo by Jaime Smith).

Personally, I will not wear calf-length boots, especially not in brown. They are just not my style, and I find that calf-length boots make your legs look shorter because they stop at the calves, effectively cutting the length of your legs in half.

My favourite boot length are knee-length boots, or boots that reach just below the knee, in black. I think they are the most flattering and knee-length boots also keep you warm. This style gives the illusion of lengthening the leg and making legs look thinner. Try and get knee-length boots that fit well at the knee. If there’s too much of a gap at the top of the boot, this breaks the ‘line’ of your legs and make your legs look wider than they really are. Knee-length boots go well with short skirts or dresses or with skinny jeans.

Shih Yen wears knee-length boots

I know this blog  is called ‘keeping it below the knee’, but sometimes footwear goes above the knee. I recently wore thigh-high boots for the first time. This tall style is difficult to wear well, mainly because of the association thigh-high boots have with ‘ladies of the night’ type professions and dominatrix-wear. It is also hard to find suitable clothes to wear with this style. Skirts, dresses or shorts have to be almost indecently short when worn with this style. Leggings or tights may be a better choice to wear with this style of boot.

Over-the-knee boots are also difficult to wear. The pair I wore had a zip at the side and shoelaces that go all the way up the back. It literally took me five minutes just to get them on, and another five minutes to get them off again. I had to be sitting on a chair to wear them, or else they were impossible to get on or off. And once I was wearing them, it became impossible to kneel or squat. But they are a nice stye if you are brave enough to wear them. Thigh-high boots are very flattering and also helps keep you warm. So, if you’re buying boots this season, remember that the length of your boots do matter.

Shih Yen wears over-the-knee boots with dress by Zambesi.


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