How to wear jeggings when you don’t look like a supermodel

I have come very late to the jeggings trend. Jeggings were a huge trend in 2010 and 2011, but it’s waning now. Jeggings come from the words jeans + leggings.

I was given a pair at the height of the jeggings trend, but when I tried them on, I found them very unflattering, accentuating every bulge. I’ve never worn them again, apart from that one time just to try them on. So I had the mistaken belief that only people who are stick-thin, like fashion models, can wear this trend.

I have since learnt that there are 2 types of jeggings. The first type is made of stretchy leggings material while the second type is made of denim or actual jeans material. It was the former type that I first tried on and found unflattering, but I can work with the latter type.

Jeggings can be unforgiving of all kinds of issues like ‘camel toe’ problems in front and rear end problems at the back, but you can hide them. Wear jeggings with long tops that are long enough to cover areas you feel self-conscious. For a dressier look, pair jeggings with a short, sheer dress.

Shih Yen wears jeggings with a short, sheer dress and L.A. gear shoes.

The good thing about jeggings is that they can make legs look longer and thinner. Wear jeggings with high heels if you want to give the illusion of even longer legs. Knee-high boots are very flattering when worn over jeggings. Jeggings also look good with ballet flats. If skin tight is not your thing (because let’s face it – skin tight anything is a difficult style to pull off), you could buy jeggings that are one size bigger than your usual style. When worn, these slightly big jeggings will look more like skinny jeans instead of skin tight jeans.

I wasn’t a fan of jeggings at the start and I don’t like the elastic waistband on jeggings. I think elastic waistbands on non-exercise wear should only be worn by senior citizens or people aged over 65! But I have given jeggings a chance and I am now the (slightly surprised) owner of 3 pairs of jeggings in different colours and sizes.


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