Curly Shoelaces

Curly shoelaces were popular in the 1980s – 1990s, but I somehow missed this trend at the height of its popularity. I managed to find curly shoelaces recently, so I thought I would write about them this month. My curly shoelaces are made in Taiwan. As the name suggests, curly laces are curly and coiled, and they look like springs.

Curly shoelaces

Curly shoelaces look like springs.

These shoelaces are also called elastic non-tying shoelaces, but curly shoelaces sound so much better, don’t you agree? Because of the curly shape and elastic nature of the laces, they don’t need to be tied. They are great for young children who don’t know how to tie their shoelaces. Curly laces are useful for people who suffer from arthritis or other medical problems that prevent them from tying shoelaces. Curly shoelaces are also a good option for someone really lazy who doesn’t feel like bending down to tie their laces all the time.


Curly laces can be tied just like ordinary shoelaces.

Curly laces can be tied just like normal shoelaces. If going for the usual criss cross Xs, just pull laces through the eyelets and twist to straighten.

Personally, I prefer doing up curly laces in a parallel style because I think it looks better.

My personal preference for tying curly shoelaces.

My personal preference for tying curly shoelaces.