I don’t usually write about stuff that I don’t know much about, but I’m making an exception this month.

Shoefiti (kind of like graffiti with shoes) is the practice of throwing a pair of shoes on to power lines. The shoelaces of the shoes are tied together so that the shoes will hang from power lines. A related practice is a shoe tree, where shoes are thrown onto a tree, so that they hang from the tree branches.

Shoefiti is usually carried out by young people and the shoes they throw are usually sneakers. There are many different explanations for why people do this. Some say shoes on power lines are a sign that drugs are sold in that area, or that someone died there, or a sign that a particular gang controls that area. I don’t know if any of those explanations are true. Personally, I think that shoefiti is just a way for people to get rid of old shoes, or shoes that they no longer want.

An extreme case of shoefiti. About 10 pairs of shoes hanging on power lines.

An extreme case of shoefiti. About 10 pairs of shoes hang from power lines. This shows how strong power lines are.

The power companies don’t like this practice because it wastes the time and resources of their linesmen to get the shoes removed from power lines.


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