Hot Chocolate Design – Shoes from Venezuela

Recently, I saw this woman wearing an interesting pair of shoes in a Mary Jane style. At first I thought she was wearing odd shoes as it seemed like one shoe was green while the other was red. I wondered if it was Odd Shoe day, but it wasn’t. (Odd Shoe Day was on the 12th of September 2014. This is a day when you wear odd, mismatched shoes and make donations to benefit Camp Quality. Camp Quality is an Australian and New Zealand charity that helps children living with cancer). Then, I realized the woman was wearing shoes with a watermelon design, and she had teamed her shoes with a pair of bright green tights. The effect was so quirky that I wished I had my camera with me to take a photo. I briefly wondered if other people walk along the street like me having urges to take photos of strangers’ shoes, which then made me question my sanity … but that’s another story.

The woman I saw was wearing watermelon shoes by Hot Chocolate Design, from their chocolatica range.

The woman I saw was wearing these watermelon shoes by Hot Chocolate Design, from their chocolaticas range.

The shoe that I saw was a pair of watermelon shoes by Hot Chocolate Design. Hot Chocolate Design is a label from Venezuela that started in 2004. The team is made up of graphic designer Carolina Aguerrevere, and illustrator Pablo Martinez. They mainly design on Mary Jane style shoes made of fabric, but they also have slip-on slippers and alpargatas styles. In addition to watermelon shoes, they also have strawberry, orange, lemon and cherry shoes. Fruit not your thing? They have other quirky styles as well. Their Hot Chocolate designs are fun, cute and whimsical. The left shoe may be different from the right shoe, and yet together both still make up a pair. Their designs are reminiscent of the Camper Twins or TWS range. Even the boxes that these shoes come in are whimsical. The shoe boxes are shaped like giant milk cartons.

watermelon shoes

Side view of the watermelon shoes by Hot Chocolate Design.

They also have a darker twin label, their Dark Chocolate Design. They call that line the dark, dead twin. The Dark Chocolate Design has a darker, more goth feel. They don’t produce a lot of any one design, so their shoes are always like limited editions and never feel mass produced. Check out the official Hot Chocolate Design site here to see more of their shoes.



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