Ronald McDonald socks

Over the past few weeks, four pairs of my socks have decided to spontaneously sprout holes all at the same time. As a result, I am finding myself in serious need of some new socks. So when the opportunity came up to buy socks and support a charity at the same time, I jumped at the chance.

Ronald McDonald House is a charity that helps families of sick children by providing them with a place to stay while the sick child is receiving medical treatment. The first Ronald McDonald House was set up 40 years ago in the USA. This charity has been operating in New Zealand since 1989, and the first Ronald McDonald House in Auckland recently celebrated its 20th birthday on 14 October 2014. There are 350 Ronald McDonald houses worldwide.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about McDonald’s. Sometimes I think that McDonald’s sells toys, not food. On one hand, I feel that McDonald’s contributes to childhood obesity with their food, especially with their Happy Meals. On the other hand, the Ronald McDonald House charities help sick children and their families.


All proceeds from the sale of Ronald socks in New Zealand go to the Ronald McDonald House charities.

McHappy Day is a fundraising day for the Ronald McDonald House charity. Today is McHappy Day in New Zealand. On this day, $1 from every Happy Meal and Bic Mac sold goes to the Ronald McDonald House charity. You can also buy Ronald socks and all proceeds from the sale of Ronald socks benefit the charity.

The socks are called Ronald socks because they are red-and-white striped like the socks Ronald McDonald wears. The socks come in adult and child sizes. So on McHappy Day this year, I bought a Happy Meal and wore my Ronald socks. I wonder if I would look good in yellow pants? And big red shoes with yellow laces? Then I can really rock the Ronald McDonald clown look 🙂


Shih Yen wears Ronald socks.


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