Flags and Footwear

Personally, I have a real problem with a country’s flag being used as a design on footwear. To me, it just seems very disrespectful towards a nation’s flag to wear it on your feet.

Hot Chocolate Design, a brand from Venezuela, has a pair of Mary Jane shoes with the design of the Venezuelan flag on it.


Mary Jane shoes from the Venezuelan label, Hot Chocolate Design, featuring the flag of Venezuela. Photo from http://www.hotchocolatedesign.com

Currently, Crocs has footwear in a variety of flag designs – Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. This is part of Croc’s True Colours Collection, and consists of two different styles – clogs or flip flops. The clogs are called Crocband nation clog while the flip flops are called Chawaii nation flip. This collection was released during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and in their ‘Show your true colours’ promotion, people were encouraged to show support for their football team by wearing the Crocs flag footwear on their feet.


Crocs footwear featuring flags. Photo from the Crocs Malaysia Facebook page.

Maybe some people find this patriotic, but I wouldn’t buy footwear with flags on them, and I couldn’t bring myself to wear them. Especially with the Crocs flip flop design where the soles of your feet are actually on the flag design, it would feel as if I was disrespectfully stepping on this country’s flag.

Alpargatas by Joy and Mario featuring the Union Jack.

Alpargatas by Joy & Mario featuring the Union Jack.