Confusing name for a shoe shop

Last year, a new shoe shop opened in Dunedin, a little city in the south of New Zealand. The name of the shoe shop is Tango’s, and there are a few branches in New Zealand. The shop in Dunedin is their southernmost branch.


Tango’s shoe shop in George Street, Dunedin.

I think the name of the shop is such a misnomer. If the name of a shop is Tango’s and has a logo of a couple dancing, what would you expect this shop to sell?


If a shop’s name is Tango’s, and has a logo of two people dancing, what would you expect this shop to sell?

I was disappointed to find out that Tango’s Shoes does not sell dance shoes. This shop sells neither tango shoes nor shoes from Argentina. In fact, they don’t even sell any shoes from anywhere in the Americas – North, Central or South America. So why the hell are they called Tango’s? The reason why the shop is called Tango’s is because the owners spent some time in Argentina and came back from the trip with an additional 35 pairs of shoes in their luggage.

After I had got over the initial disappointment, I found that Tango’s Shoes sell some beautiful European shoes, mainly from Portugal, Italy, Spain and France. One of my favourite labels stocked by Tango’s Shoes is El Naturalista, which is made in Spain. El Naturalista shoes are comfortable, eco-friendly and inspired by nature. El Naturalista even manufactures a line of vegan shoes, which contain no traces of animal products.


A selection of shoes sold at Tango’s shoe shop.