Cute cat socks

Sometimes the best things are bought by chance without planning, and with no hope of ever buying them again. This was the case for me with the cutest pair of cat socks that I have ever owned.

Is this not the cutest pair of cat socks you ever saw?

Is this not the cutest pair of cat socks you ever saw?

I bought them many years ago in a small gift shop, literally a hole-in-the-wall establishment. I hadn’t planned on buying socks, but these colourful stripe-y socks with cats were so cute that I couldn’t resist. The stuffed cats on top of the socks sealed the deal for me. In addition to cat socks, there were also duck and frog socks in a similar design. When I decided that the socks were so cute that I wanted more pairs, I returned to the shop only to find that it had closed down.

I knew nothing about the socks – I didn’t know the label or where they were made or anything, so there was no hope of me ever finding these cute cat socks again. These socks are now old and hole-y, but they have served me well. It is with sadness that I now have to say goodbye to them.


This cute pair of striped socks have stuffed cats on top.