Strange sports and boots

There are some sports that sound so bizarre that I think how can they be real? There is a handbag throwing world championship that’s held in Germany. I kid you not. This championship is already in its 4th year. Participants from around the world compete in teams of 4 by throwing a handbag with weights inside. There are different handbag throwing events, such as over-arm throwing, long-distance throwing, freestyle and discus.

On the subject of strange throwing sports, there is also a boot throwing competition. I have always thought that boot throwing competitions are just for fun, but now I know that it is pretty serious. In New Zealand, there are local gumboot throwing competitions, which then allow a contestant to qualify for the nationals. Winning at the nationals then allows the contestant to compete at the World Championships.

This year, the International Boot Throwing Association World Championships will be held on 12 and 13 September in the town of Ascoli Piceno in Italy. The rules of the competition state that the official throwing equipment is a rubber boot, either a left or a right side boot. Women throw a size 38 boot while men throw a size 43 boot. Only five brands of boots are considered to be acceptable throwing equipment for the competition. These are boots by Siili, Duudson, Skellerup, Sulman and Kontio.

redband gumboots

Skellerup gumboots, official throwing equipment for the Boot Throwing Association World Championships.

GOCO boots

Not official throwing equipment for the World Championships, but a pair of Malaysian made rubber boots by GOCO.