Falling in love … with shoes

Maybe you’re one of those practical types who don’t give much thought to shoes. Shoes are just protective gear that you wear on your feet. You’re looking at the title of this post and you can’t possibly imagine how anyone can fall in love with shoes. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is possible to fall in love with shoes and I’m going to tell you about shoes that I have loved.

I don’t believe in love at first sight when it comes to humans, but when it comes to shoes, I have definitely fallen in love at first sight. The first time it happened to me was 12 years ago and I fell in love at first sight with a pair of Camper TWS twins shoes. The right foot says ‘He loves me…’ with fluttering white daisy petals, while the left foot says, ‘He loves me not’ with a white daisy flower losing some of its petals. I saw it in a print ad and went into the store to look for them. Never mind that the price tag was over NZ$300 (and this was over a decade ago) and I was just working in my first real job at that time. I bought the pair of shoes without a second thought. This was back when Camper was still made in Spain. They are a beautiful and high quality pair of shoes. I still have them and they still look pretty new.

Shih Yen fell in love with this pair of Camper shoes from their TWS range

Shih Yen fell in love with this pair of Camper shoes from their TWS range.

The second time was about 10 years ago when I fell in love at first sight with another pair of Mary Jane style shoes. The label was Candy, but I haven’t been able to find out more about this label. This pair of shoes has pink butterflies on them and the words ‘Happy summer days forever’. The soles of the shoes are pink with butterflies on them. This pair of shoes is now old, and the soles are cracked and can’t be repaired. Even though I can no longer wear them, I can’t bear to throw them out. Just like with someone you love, you can’t throw them away just because they are old.


Shih Yen fell in love with this pair of Candy shoes with pink butterflies and the words ‘Happy summer days forever.’

candy sole

Butterflies on the sole of Shih Yen’s Candy shoes.

Now I can see that I have a ‘type’. I love cutesy, quirky shoes in a Mary Jane style, and preferably flat. Recently, I have fallen in love again. I love the entire Chocolaticas range by Hot Chocolate. This is a label from Venezuela, though I was disappointed to find out that Hot Chocolate shoes are designed in Venezuela, but made in China. It wasn’t quite love at first sight, but it was  a love of an entire range. I even love the shoe boxes that the shoes come in. The shoe box is in the shape of a chocolate milk carton.

This ‘cupid’ style was the only pair that the shop had in my size, so I bought them. And I love them. They have yellow glitter on the soles, and the glitter is so cool, just like the butterflies on the soles of my Candy shoes. Wearing shoes that I love makes me happy and puts me in a good mood.


Shih Yen’s Hot Chocolate Design shoes in the style ‘cupid’.

choc box

The Hot Chocolate Design ‘Cupid’ style has glitter on the soles of the shoes, and the shoe box is in the shape of a chocolate milk carton.

You may think that loving shoes are silly. They can never love you back. They may give you blisters and break your ankle, but shoes will never break your heart. ❤

As an epilogue to this post, after writing this post I finally got rid of my old Candy shoes. Like with any great love, once it is over, you have to let it go. And it is only when you let go that you can love again.