Shoes by Hot Chocolate Design

Happy new year 2016! At the start of this new year, I’m writing a post about my current favourite shoe label. This is the Venezuelan label Hot Chocolate Design. I love all the shoe designs in their range.

Hot Chocolate Design was started in 2004 by Pablo Martinez and Carolina Aguerrevere. Their shoe designs are all in a Mary Jane style with a strap and buckle across. Their shoes are made of fabric with a rubber sole. All their shoes have a fun, quirky design. They design on the principle that as adults, we yearn for things that made us happy as a child. So their shoes have a certain child-like cute quality to them. Their youthful designs make them very suitable as children’s shoes, and their Mini Chocolaticas range is aimed at young girls. However, I am more interested in their shoes for adults.

Hot Chocolate Design has two styles for adults – the Chocolaticas and Double Topping range. The shoes in the Chocolaticas range all have flat soles. Most of the designs in the Chocolaticas range are not mirror images of each other, in the sense that the left foot is not a mirror image of the right foot. And yet, together, they are still unmistakeably a pair.


Shoes from Hot Chocolate Design’s Chocolaticas range.

I love the Chocolaticas range and I have a pair myself in the style ‘Cupid’. It is a comfortable pair of shoes, and I love the yellow glitter on the soles.


Shih Yen’s pair of Hot Chocolate Design shoes from the Chocolaticas range, in the style ‘Cupid’.

The other Hot Chocolate Design style for adults is the Double Topping range. While the shoes in the Chocolaticas range are flat, all the shoes in the Double Topping range have heels – a 3.5 inch heel, to be exact. The Marie Antoinette style in this range comes with laces that are removable, so it is possible to wear that style as a boot with laces, or as a Mary Jane style.


Shoes by Venezuelan label, Hot Chocolate Design. The Marie Antoinette style, with removable laces, is on the left.

I even love the shoe boxes that Hot Chocolate Design shoes come in. The Chocolaticas shoes come in a shoe box shaped like a chocolate milk carton. Double Topping shoes come in a shoe box shaped like a pink birthday cake. The packaging even includes a birthday candle to make it look like a proper birthday cake box.

choc box

The Chocolaticas shoe box in the shape of a chocolate milk carton.