About Shih Yen

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Chang Shih Yen and I’m from Malaysia, currently living in New Zealand. About a decade ago, a friend of mine first encouraged me to write a blog. I have always dismissed the idea of blogging, mainly because I didn’t want to blog about my life and also because I thought I lack the technical knowledge. I now realize that I just hadn’t found a topic that I wanted to blog about.

Recently I’ve been feeling very inspired by shoes and everything about shoes. I’ve been so inspired that I started this blog. I just want to share with the world all about shoes 🙂 So I’ve started this blog to challenge myself to see how much I can write about shoes. The plan is to have monthly updates on the 1st of the month. Well, that’s the goal anyway. We’ll see if I can achieve that goal and how long I can maintain writing about shoes. I will continue to write about shoes until I run out of ideas, motivation or readers (whichever comes first).

Shih Yen at age 6, proudly showing off her pink shoes (Photo by Shih Yen’s father)

I have great empathy for anyone who can’t find shoes because their feet are too big or too small. I guess I’ve always had an interest (okay, maybe obsession) in shoes because I was deprived as a teenager. While growing up, I struggled to find shoes because I have big feet (for an Asian woman). My shoe size is a UK size 9, US size 10. Growing up in Malaysia, shoe shops there seem to think that women’s feet stop growing at a size 8. Shopping for shoes in Malaysia was not enjoyable, and sometimes it was easier to say, “Show me what you have in a size 9,” than to pick out styles that didn’t come in my size. It was painful to see all those pretty shoes on display that were all too small for me. As a result, I spent a lot of my teenage years wearing men’s shoes.

Now I live in New Zealand where women have bigger feet than in Malaysia. It is very nice to be able to go into a shoe shop and buy any shoe I want and be confident that they will have it in my size.

When I’m not writing about shoes, I prefer writing fiction and I’ve had stories published in both Malaysia and New Zealand.


7 thoughts on “About Shih Yen

  1. Hi Shih Yen from Yuko 🙂 Your blog is amazing and very organized! If someone suggests me to write a blog, I have no idea at all how can I make it…analogue persone…haha!

  2. Congratulations. I first found this while looking for some info on Korean Hanbok shoes, I then went to your ‘about me’ page where you wrote about being afraid that you wouldn’t have enough to write about. Your about me page must not have changed in all this time! But you are still writing, so congratulations. I write thedollblog.com and have the same fear… will I run out of things to say about dolls?

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